Did McCain send the aide a message? Is this aide trying to make a living off of McCain? Did they have the family’s permission to make this noise?

It is so sad that you have a dead man and this aide is continuing to stoke his “hate.” Shame! Why can’t you let this poor man rest – he went through life making mistakes, not owning up to them, and now you want to continue that legacy?


McCain Aide Encourages Republicans to ‘Resist,’ Vote Democrat

November 6, 2018  Kaylee McGhee 

SALTER: ‘The bigger the rebuke of Trump the better for the country…’

(How so? The President was duly elected and your side lost – McCain was a RINO.)

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Mark Salter, a longtime aide and confidant of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), urged Americans to vote for the Democratic Party to send a message to President Donald Trump and the Republicans who support him.

Salter, a longtime critic of the president, publicly announced in 2016 that he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump, according to The Hill.

He has also attacked Trump’s “unstable personality” and dismissed the president’s criticism of then-ailing McCain, writing on Twitter: “The Senator doesn’t give a rat’s ass what this particular president says or thinks about him.”

Salter isn’t the only McCain aide to denounce Trump and the GOP.

Steve Schmidt, a GOP strategist best known for leading McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, has frequently attacked Republicans for supporting the president.

(Schmidt told us he (Schmidt) was a Democrat when McCain was running for President when he criticized Governor Palin and her wardrobe. He also spins with CNN – the worst liars. So take a break and let McCain lie in peace.)

In an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in September, Schmidt says the GOP needs to stop nominating candidates that unabashedly support Trump and his agenda.

(And then Schmidt spins with Morning Joe who two-timed his wife with Joe’s current spin master’s wife, who is a communist.)

“The Republicans fundamentally have a nut problem,” he said. “You have a lot of nutball candidates.”

(You might look in the mirror and see the real nut problem, yourself.)

Schmidt said the GOP’s support of the president will ultimately hurt the party, especially moving into Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“What you do see across the country as we head into the fall campaign, I think, is a rising wave that’s going to repudiate Trumpism,” Schmidt said. “I think the majority opposes the tone, the meanness, the cruelty, the vileness, the corruption of it all before you get a single issue, and we’re seeing that in the generic ballots.”

(Schmidt is true liberal because he is infected with hate.
I am always heartened by any person awakening to the reality that the Democratic Party stands for liberalism, and liberalism at its core, is racist.)

Similarly, Nicolle Wallace, a former McCain campaign adviser and current MSNBC host, said she is rooting for Democrats to take Congress on Tuesday to provide a “check and balance” on the White House last month during an interview on “Late Night” with Seth Meyers.

“More often than not, people that have seen American presidents up close and know what the conduct is supposed to be like will ultimately decide that a check on this administration is urgent,” she said.

(American presidents up close and conduct is not always real but fakery and lies just like Wallace/Joe.)

Both of them need to take a MAGA PILL and take a break. The stress has taken its toll on all of them.



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