How can that be when the Democrats have cornered the market on “racism?” Steele is one of its victims and doesn’t even realize it.

In the past several decades, black communities have become laboratories for liberal Democrat experiments in churning out victims. First they remove all God-given moral strictures by infiltrating the once-stalwart black church and turning the heads of pastors, then they throw in a convenient Planned Parenthood abortion facility to take care of the consequences of the rampant immoral behavior.

They then install liberal blacks in political leadership of the communities to keep the masses in check. The resulting chaos and suffering are rife throughout Democrat-controlled areas in this nation. And blacks suffer the most, given our percentage of the population.

What has become of blacks in America under the thumb of liberalism is a travesty beyond calculation. Because unlike the slave masters of centuries ago, who shackled bodies that could thrive after the shackles were removed, liberalism shackles the mind and the soul, which is a lot more difficult to reclaim.

It looks like the former RNC Chair has become a victim of the Liberalism fodder.


Former RNC Chair Says GOP Has Embraced Trump’s ‘Inherent Racism’

 November 6, 2018  Kaylee McGhee 

STEELE: ‘They’ve fallen into this bucket where they feel they can peddle…inherent racism…and bad behavior…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele attacked Republicans for allowing the president’s “inherent racism” to define the GOP.

During an interview with “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, Steel said Trump’s message, which Republicans in the House and Senate have endorsed, is racist and misogynistic.

(Steele looked and acted like a Democrat when he was the RNC chair. And now he has blown his cover AND has become a true victim of liberalism when he made that statement.)

“It’s not like Republicans don’t have a narrative they can go out into the country and talk about,” Steele said. “But no, they’ve fallen into this bucket where they feel they can peddle, or at least stay silent on inherent racism, misogynistic language, and bad behavior.”

Joe Scarborough, co-host of “Morning Joe,” agreed with Steele and said Republicans deliberately choose to spread “the big lie.”

(Oh, both of you, give me a break, you both sound like a liberal democrat dragging out the race card when you have run out of a good argument about taxes and patriotism because the President have put both of you in the shade.)

“Everybody is following Donald Trump’s lead,” Scarborough said. “They’re lying through their teeth. They are attacking nonwhite people, and Donald Trump has chosen, he has chosen to choose racism over a strong economy.”

(Think Scarborough has been listening to CNN – where racism is their 24/7 topic.)

Steel said Tuesday’s midterm elections will be a telling sign of the direction the country will choose, and warned the GOP that they might be surprised at how many Americans reject Trump and his divisive message.

“And somehow they think they can sit back and the American people are going to go, ‘we want more of that,’” he said.

Steele has been a frequent critic of the GOP, especially since President Trump’s election.

Steele rejects Republicans’ allegiance to the president, which he said he believes will ultimately hurt America and destroy the party.

(Steele doesn’t understand the business world since he is one of those lying lawyer/politician.)

“This Trumpification of the party is not just dangerous, it’s deadly to its future, and I think that people have to be aware of that,” he said in February, according to The Hill. “[W]hat’s happening now is that it has retrenched into a very comfortable corner, and everything outside of that corner is not good for it, in its view. It wants to attack it, it wants to avoid it, it doesn’t want to engage with it in an open way.”


What did Steele do for the party? Just walked around in his high dollar suits and grinned like a jacka–.

My recommendation – even though I am not a doctor but SCARBOUGH AND STEELE – need to take a MAGA pill and chill out. We didn’t have those pills when Steele was the chair. I bet he was sniffing glue.



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