Former President Obama is campaigning in Florida for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who’s running for governor, and Sen. Bill Nelson, the three-time incumbent Democratic senator from Florida seeking his fourth term. At the moment, Nelson is the only Democrat holding statewide office in Florida.

Was Obama presenting himself as Elmer Gantry as the fast-talking travelling snake oil salesmen? He kept using Republican talking points while telling them to believe his lies. Repeatedly talked about how mad people were but didn’t say it was the democrats who have been so mad since the 2016 election and have voted “NO” for two years.

He even stated again that climate change is real to continue skinning the taxpayers.

Obama gently chastised a heckler for using profanity in front of children.

The protester then started blowing a whistle and Obama addressed the individual again.

“If you support the other candidates, then you should support the other candidates,” Obama said. “Go to their rallies.”

Periodically the crowd would chant to drown out the protester, “Bring it home,” they chanted.

“Why is it that the folks (democrats) that won (lost) the last election are so mad all the time,” Obama asked. “When I won the presidency, at least my side felt pretty good.”

We have seen rhetoric designed to divide us, the former president said. “In four days, you can be a check on that kind of behavior,” Obama said in a speech that embraced themes of inclusivity and social justice. You can choose a more generous vision of America, “where love and hope conquer hate,” he said.

Andrew Gillum will expand Medicaid coverage, Obama told the voters, and he promised Democrats “won’t let Republicans gut your health care.”

Right at election time, the former president said, Republicans have started to say they’ll protect pre-existing conditions, when they’ve been doing the opposite.

(Problem with Obamacare – it is hard to work with something when you have nothing to work with.)

“Let’s call that what it is: it’s a lie,” Obama said.

(Yeah! Obama is lying again.)

Early voting in Florida is already on pace to surpass turnout in the last five midterm elections in the state. On Friday for the first time, over 4 million had voted early, with more Republicans than Democrats casting votes so far.

(The media stated that the democrats are holding back votes to show that tally.)

Election Day will wrap up a bitter campaign season that witnessed the battle between DeSantis and Gillum veer into racial politics and heated exchanges over a long-simmering FBI investigation involving Gillum’s home city.

Right after the primary, DeSantis said Florida voters shouldn’t “monkey this up” by electing Gillum, a comment Democrats contend was racially charged.

(If the shoe fits – you wear it. When people identify themselves with a statement – then they own it.)

President Trump also called Gillum a “thief” and corrupt, a move the mayor says is meant to reinforce negative stereotypes of black men.

The Gillum campaign, meanwhile, cut ties with a Democratic Party vendor and a campaign volunteer caught on video calling Florida a “cracker” state and saying the campaign was taking advantage of “white guilt.”

The Senate race between Scott and incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson has taken a back seat to the governor’s race, but it too has centered largely on name-calling and insults lobbed in tens of millions of dollars’ worth of negative television ads. Scott has painted Nelson as an ineffective career politician, while Nelson has labeled Scott untrustworthy because of questions about how the multimillionaire governor has handled his finances while in office.

In the finally minutes Obama is still trying to convince people that “climate change is real.

Are we going to keep voting for these politicians who are involved in this climate change hoax?

There has been an increase in Arctic sea ice thickness and volume over the past ten years. Meanwhile, taxpayers and donors to the climate scheme have had billions of dollars re-destributed out of their wallets under color of authority.

U.S. Senators especially Democrats like Markey, Brian Schatz, Maizie Hirono and many others should reconsider their positions, their votes and spending the people’s money and time on such demonstrable nonsense as human-caused climate change, previously called global warming and Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), as well as the United Nations and the myriad U.S. government bureaucracies, programs, policies, laws and NGOs that depend on this nonsense for funding.

Soon the people will begin questioning what they knew and when did they know it.


Hope the Paris Accord and the United Nations will listen and quit spoofing the public. This should settle the argument about climate change by Astronaut/Professor Schmitt.

Schmitt stated: “I hope the science writers in this room will start to dig deeply into whether or not science has been corrupted by the source of funds that are now driving what people are doing in research, and what their conclusions are,” he said. Further – “No evidence exists to support man-made climate change.”

As usual the Dem’s Socialists and Obama lied to us, again.

Astronaut-Geologist Says ‘No Evidence’ Exists to Support Man-Made Climate Change


Will Obama ever stop lying?


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