Has Stacy Abrams been vetted or is she running like Obama with no qualifications on the table?

The biggest problem is Obama campaigning for Stacy Abrams. Obama was a lawless Prez and didn’t use the Constitution and was sanctioned by the Supreme Court. He is now under investigation by the Justice Dept for trying to over take the government of a duly elected Prez – something that happens i third world countries. That tells me she will be following his type of leadership and the country doesn’t need that. Obama is a follower of Farrakhan. Did Abrams meet with Farrakhan when she went to California?

The important question is – Is Stacy Abrams qualified and does she have the experience to run a state with law and order and the Constitution? Obama does not believe in the Constitution and was a lawless Prez and Oprah must feel the same way since they both are campaigning for Stacy Abrams for Governor.

Again, will Abrams run a lawless state and not use the Constitution or one using law and order and the Constitution?

Another question, is she going to run it strictly for the blacks and no law and order or Constitution and run it into the ground? Also, she doesn’t seem to know how to handle money with her large debt.

One of the traditional rites of passage for political candidates is the revelation of financial status–a catechism-like recital of money mistakes made and debts owed. As a candidate for governor of Georgia, I have spent the past few weeks dealing with the fallout from my personal financial disclosure report. As everyone following the race now knows, I owe the IRS over $50,000 in deferred tax payments (I am currently on a repayment plan) and hold more than $170,000 in credit card and student loan debt.

Abrams was known as a talented speaker and bill reader, but other Democrats sometimes bridled at her know-it-all tendencies, according to Bill Crane, an Atlanta-based political analyst.

Although Abrams’ central priorities are budget-focused, she’s to the left of most Georgia voters on polarizing issues like gun rights, Confederate monuments and kneeling NFL player.

Oprah’s comments were tainted:

“For anybody here who has an ancestor who didn’t have the right to vote and you are choosing not to vote, wherever you are in this state, in this country, you are dishonoring your family, you are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy, their suffering and their dreams when you don’t vote,” Winfrey said, adding that the right to vote is like “the crown that we all get to wear.”

Was Oprah being racist?


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