Senators Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein are baaack! Preaching that same old sermon – which is – everything both of them did to this “man of the Constitution – Judge Kavanaugh – and now are the things they themselves continue to try to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. That is why they so eloquently spoke “word for word” how they tried to “frame him.” It all started with their “frame up” on withholding critical allegations to use against him at just the right time. “Chuckie and Die-annie” are Bonnie and Clyde working in their righteous indignation – instead of bullets they used words and people which have an everlasting affect – whereas with bullets – the indication is put away and life goes on. Feinstein should have been removed immediately with her “obstruction of justice” shot.


Schumer and Feinstein’s problem – they failed to unseat the President in their act of treason and this is just another continued attempt to put power back in the hands of the lawless socialist/muslims. They do recognize if Judge Kavanaugh is voted into the Supreme Court – their cookies will continue to crumble and not swept under the rug. The Judge will follow through with the President’s plans for mass arrests, military tribunals for the Deep state traitors. That is their worry since they are all guilty.

And one last punch by Feinstein with the help of Rep Jackson Lee’s aide sent out a list of the Republican Judicial Committee’s home addresses info to follow up with harassing them. Remember Rep Jackson Lee – the one who passed out envelopes to the lawyers after the Dr. Lord lying session.


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