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The crime scene is still the same – Feinstein withholding and obstructing justice should be the charge – and she should be removed from the Judicial Committee – she is not worthy of her position.


Why aren’t the Republican Committee members not concerned and talking about Feinstein committing a crime by not disclosing this evidence – she double-crossed the Republicans which was her intentions. There is slime in the ICE MACHINE.

Why did Lisa Murkowski vote NO – does she agree with Feinstein – that it was okay to hide this information. That would be my first “spike” in the punch. Feinstein lied to the whole committee and that is okay according to Murkowski. Alaska needs a new Senator – this ONE is a RINO.

This is a crime:


And our guiding light is THE CONSTITUTION not the Democrat socialists/muslims lawless ways. The left is trying to “railroad” the country. Surely these undecided people in the Senate should recognize what they are doing to this country after the trail of crime Obama left behind. Was that okay with Murkowski?


Arlin Report

Give credit to Chuck Schumer, he is relentless.   Not real bright but relentless.    Just moments ago, he gave a news conference, then went on the Senate floor and cried foul!  He continues to defend Dr. Christine Ford, despite an ADDITIONAL background investigation by the FBI (that Schumer demanded), that did not confirm Ford’s allegations.  Ford either flat out lied, or was horribly mistaken in her story against Kavanaugh.

Sen. Graham was right, the DEMS will never be satisfied, it will never be enough.  They got what they wanted in a seventh investigation, but not the results they wanted.  Sen. Feinstein pointed her old, crooked finger at Trump, that he tied the FBI’s hands from giving a complete investigation.    Lets see, Trump gave the FBI until Friday, but they apparently didn’t need all that time, as nothing led to confirming Ford’s story.

If Schumer and Feinstein want to expand…

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