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The Dem’s are still at it – trying to prove Prez Trump colluded with the Russians when all the while – all of the proof is their own “poop.” You can smell the sulfur and you know who that belongs to – the Clinton’s.

When will the Repub’s and AG Sessions fire Mueller and do their job to indict the Obama Admin?



After all of the hype yesterday about Russia meddling in our 2016 election, it was evident  the news never mentioned Obama’s administration meddling in Israel’s election when they tried to over throw Netanyahu, plus all of the other countries Obama meddled.  It would be interesting to see how much money Obama spent trying to skewer  other countries elections to become muslim?


But back to the interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, a liberal, and Putin.  Was this a set-up by the Democrats to have Wallace give Putin a copy of the indictment?  Wallace reminded me of a schoolmarm (a schoolmistress –  a woman regarded as prim, strict, and brisk in manner) trying to control the situation.  I was expecting Wallace to bring out his switch at any time.  How did Wallace just happened to have a copy of this document?  So, we know this was pre-planned to put Putin on the…

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