After all of the hype yesterday about Russia meddling in our 2016 election, it was evident  the news never mentioned Obama’s administration meddling in Israel’s election when they tried to over throw Netanyahu, plus all of the other countries Obama meddled.  It would be interesting to see how much money Obama spent trying to skewer  other countries elections to become muslim?


But back to the interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, a liberal, and Putin.  Was this a set-up by the Democrats to have Wallace give Putin a copy of the indictment?  Wallace reminded me of a schoolmarm (a schoolmistress –  a woman regarded as prim, strict, and brisk in manner) trying to control the situation.  I was expecting Wallace to bring out his switch at any time.  How did Wallace just happened to have a copy of this document?  So, we know this was pre-planned to put Putin on the spot.

When the interview was almost over – Wallace was looking at his notes with frustration.


In regards to President Trump, this was also a pre-planned attack on him by asking whether he believed Putin or if he believed the U.S. intelligence?

How could the President answer that, honestly, when at that very same moment you had Lisa Page , a lawyer with the USA FBI, being examined for collusion and interfering with the 2016 election – and all of the others like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et al, being fired by the President for dereliction of duty.  The Dem’s wanted him to lie.

What he said was appropriate – that he had received the intelligence (Dem side) and also listened to Putin side.  So what else is there to chew on.  The Dem’s wanted him to rebuff Putin which would have killed any further discussions (which is what the Dem’s wanted).

That tells you how honest the President is that he is not going to walk around any question.

Therefore, the reporter who asked that question was set up to put the President on a spot.  I would have stated that “at that time the question is  up in the air” due to the U.S.’ intelligence being examined at that time for trying to over throw the U.S. government.  That should have been sufficient.

The truth is – that Obama and his regime with the FBI/DOJ top officials were involved in trying to over throw the election and failed and since that didn’t work – they are now trying to have the President impeached.

We have to continue the investigation without Mueller who is a corrupt individual.  Hillary Clinton’s server and the 30,000 emails are out there and the DNC server have to be found and examined.  Who is hiding those items?

My opinion still is that Brennan and Clapper have to be subpoenaed because in my opinion –  they were working for Obama – they hacked the two servers and blamed Russia.  If Brennan and Clapper are such brains – why weren’t those computers protected?  That is why Brennan (a practicing Muslim) was making all of that noise about our President yesterday.

It is not to say that Russia didn’t hack our computers – other countries and individuals try to hack our computers on a daily basis.  In fact the RNC’s computers were hacked during the 2016 election – but they were protected and the hack was not successful.

For some reason, the Obama’s dark government and the Dem’s don’t want our country to be working friends with Russia.  Why – because they are trying to split the world because the Muslims think they can take over the world.  This will never happen – because they are not smart enough.

If the U.S.  works with Russia, China, and North Korea to have peace in the world – the Muslims’ limb on that tree of life will wither and die.  These people don’t work for a living, like Obama – they steal for a living and that is exactly what is going on at this moment.  They have destroyed their own part of the world and now they want a free ride off the working people of the world and the One World Order and Wealth Distribution are helping them in this endeavor – for some reason.  If we go down – those rich people will – too.



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    The Dem’s are still at it – trying to prove Prez Trump colluded with the Russians when all the while – all of the proof is their own “poop.”

    When will the Repub’s and AG Sessions fire Mueller and do their job to indict the Obama Admin?



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