As we all know – it is time for Maxine Waters to retire and give someone else with new ideas a chance since what she has been bringing to the table has soured and is no longer palatable. She has overstayed her welcomed by her hate and her stale ideas and preaching violence. It is time for a new face as you can tell by the sour look on her face.



Omar Navarro for Congress

For 16 terms Maxine Waters has been carrying water for Nancy Pelosi, and even as many Democrats are running away from Pelosi, Pelosi is running towards the sounds of the Maxine Waters trumpets. I’m not sure either of them is taking the correct medication, but their despicable ploys are working on many Americans, confused about their votes this coming Fall.

And I’m telling you right now: handing over a majority to Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters would be the worst possible scenario for the future of our country. They would immediately proceed with impeachment charges against our greatest President, Donald J. Trump.

Maxine Waters & Nacy PelosiTheir strategy is simple…rally the base with calls for Trump’s impeachment and their so-called Culture of Resistance, confuse the voters, then sweep the House in November so Pelosi becomes Speaker again. They are so confident in their strategy, that Pelosi dares claim that Maxine “strikes fear in the heart” of President Trump to confuse the President’s supporters.

But I have a strategy to derail their plans. I’m the Republican candidate running against Maxine Waters in a district that no longer favors her brand of politics.

So, if you never want to hear the name Maxine Waters after November, please contribute the maximum amount you can afford to my campaign and let’s send her off to the retirement home.

The federal maximum amount is $2,700, but I appreciate any support you can provide.

Like the House Majority Leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), I’m one of the few Republicans who can win a California race in November and help President Trump Keep America Great. It just starts by draining the Swamp of Maxine Waters this November

I’m tired of the Waters-Pelosi resistance movement when they should be embracing President Trump’s “America First” policies. If you feel the same way, I’m hoping you’ll help me throw her a retirement party.

Yours in freedom,
Omar Navarro
Republican for U.S. Congress

P.S. MSNBC loves Maxine Waters’ despicable antics focused on violence and calls for the impeachment of President Trump. Help me throw Maxine Waters a retirement party in November and show these liberals America is a great nation! Contribute Today! Thank you.

You can go to his website if you want to contribute.


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