Something has to be done by the Congressmen/women in D.C. to stop this flagrant disregard of the rule of law. The law is being broken when rogue judges are ruling against the Constitution.

The illegals have committed a crime by entering the country and these rogue judges are enabling them to break the law by giving them funds in order to encourage them to stay. These judges must be impeached for breaking the law/Constitution. We have to start at the heart of the problem which is the judges and the city officials have to be arrested and kicked out of office.


Another devastating blow has been dealt in our fight to uphold the Rule of Law.

Across the country, liberal cities have embraced the “sanctuary city” title and put the safety of their communities at risk. When the White House tried to fight back by withholding federal funding from sanctuary cities, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this unconstitutional!

(How is it unconstitutional when these illegals have committed a crime to enter the country. These rogue Obama/judges have to be stopped because they are encouraging the liberal governors and them to break the law by giving them funds they are not entitled.)

With this recent ruling and the left’s climbing enthusiasm, it’s clear the fight to ban sanctuary cities is far from finished. Right here in Texas, parts of our ban are still tied up in court as lawless liberals continue on their warpath to dismantle the Rule of Law.

Too many families have experienced first-hand the havoc caused by releasing criminals—some charged with heinous crimes like sexual assault of minors, domestic violence, and robbery—back into our communities. And yet, far-left havens like California are showing their complete disregard for law and order by declaring themselves “sanctuary states.”

That’s exactly what could happen here if we let liberals mess with Texas. If lawless liberals win enough seats in our state, they’ll waste no time erasing our sanctuary cities ban and forcing their open borders mentality on every Texan. We can’t let that happen.

When we banned sanctuary cities in Texas, liberals promised to come after us in the media, in courtrooms, and at the ballot box—and they’re keeping that promise.

Let me tell you something, I’m not about to let lawless liberals take over the Lone Star State.

This fight won’t be easy; no fight worth fighting ever is. But I know I’ll be ready for it with your help.


Greg Abbott


It is time for Congress to set the law straight. They are illegals who have broken the law,have committed a crime by entering, and need to be arrested – not paid to stay in the U.S. Again, the judges need to be impeached.


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