KOMMONSENTSJANE – “Gosnell” abortion movie gets distribution deal. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Dr. Gosnell killed more babies by butchering them than any doctor in the history of the U.S. Thank goodness he is in prison. What gives any person a right to kill the unborn who do not have any means to protect themselves. Why isn’t this considered murder?

Planned Parenthood and its leaders have no conscience and should be outlawed. Any abortion should be performed only in a hospital setting and abortion should be performed only if the mother’s health is at risk.

We have throwaway clinics that treat and discard these human beings as if they were a worn out shoe. Even old shoes are rehabilitated. We must set this as a priority – every person should be given a chance and if the mother doesn’t want the baby – there are plenty of people who can’t conceive and would be more than willing to adopt that baby.

The mother was given a chance at life and now that baby should be given that same right.

These people are reducing our work force with each baby they kill which is their purpose so that they then can bring in foreigners who have no allegiance to this country.


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