KOMMONSENTSJANE – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Brings Democratic Socialists of America Back to Mainstream U.S. Politics – Attacks on ICE. Reclaim Our Republic.

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My only questions is – if she is a socialist – how does she plan to live by the Constitution? Socialism is not compatible with the Constitution? That is the first question the people should ask these politicians before they are elected – DO THEY SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY?

We had eight years of socialism/islam with Obama and how he ran the country in the ground.

We know the Democrats have turned tail and are running away from the Constitution. The fact she wants to disband ICE tells you a lot – she is against law and order.

These people don’t seem to understand because they have been brain-washed with their college education that a politician cannot give everything free to everyone. She drank the kool-aid of Bernie Sanders/Obama who have never held a real job and live high and mighty by living off others. Besides – socialism promotes dictatorship.

She can’t tell me one country that is a free country which is a socialist country. We bring all of these people into our country and then let these college professors indoctrinate them in everything but our Constitution and then we wonder why our country is in the shape it is.

She is another Obama/Sanders light and is misleading the people that she is going to give the people EVERYTHING free.



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