The biggest problem the FBI had was – the example that was set by Obama, Holder/Lynch, Clinton,and Comey which brought down the whole government to their level of thinking – which was a mafia/cult style. When the FBI drank the Obama kool-aid – the only way was down to the gutter. This all shows up in every investigation so far that corruption, sex, and drugs was the name of the Obama cult game.

There are some good agents – but the only way to clean up this group is to reassign the Director of the FBI to another position and install someone that is experienced and highly respected because, if not, the stench will still permeate the place.

The FBI was full of anti-Trump FBI agents it seems. This point further evidenced by the vile views FBI agents had about the Americans who voted for President Trump.

These remarks only reinforce and confirm what we’ve expected from the Left: they hate us. I know these horrible rural folks, who just want to provide for their families, work hard, and live the American dream.

They want opportunities. They wanted someone who would spur economic and jobs growth, and someone who would fight back on bad trade deals. At the very least, someone who would bring up the fact that these maybe not the best trade agreements.

They wanted job protections. They wanted a cheerleader. Obama was none of that. In 500 days, Trump has kept an awful lot of his promises.

But in the end, most people just wanted God and freedom back. They saw how Obama was trying to take the country down to a level never experienced by the hate and arrogance he expressed throughout the world about America and its people.


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