Trust but verify is my motto or wait and see. Look how many years Bush I, II, and III fooled us – making us think they were Republicans and then jumped ship for all people but – the witch – Hillary Clinton.

It shows what money will do for a politician.

It is my feeling that he is using the people in Texas to climb up that ladder. Don’t see how he could be a Republican with all of those Democrats hanging around his neck?


Bush Leads Rally For Trump

Source: TTN
by: TTN Staff

George P. Bush the son of ‘low energy’ Jeb led a rousing rally for President Trump on Saturday. George is the only member of Bush dynasty to openly support the president.

According to Town Hall:

George P. Bush, son of Trump’s former presidential candidate rival Jeb Bush, has voiced his support for the current president yet again in a rousing speech at the Texas Republican convention earlier today.

As noted by Todd Gillman of the Dallas News, George P. rallied the Texas GOP by declaring. “Are we gonna stand up for President Donald J. Trump. Are we going to reject the fake news and the liberal media? … Yes we are.”

(They probably turned Bush I’s TV to another station when III-1 made that statement.)

Bush is a formidable politician in the Lone Star state. He currently holds the position of Texas Land Commissioner. But, he has fallen under controversy and accused of corruption because “after he took office in 2015, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas were removed from overseeing the Alamo and replaced by nonprofits that Bush’s General Land Office controls,” according to the Dallas News.

“Despite the ‘fake news’ you may have been reading in the liberal media, we’ve been busy saving and strengthening the Alamo for generations to come,” Bush also told the crowd.

(I am not so sure of that.)

The up and coming Bush will be fun to watch in the coming years as he climbs the political ladder.

Again, TRUST BUT VERIFY. We know how politicians are.


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