The thing that worries most people is the mental capacity of the Dem/Elite Repub’s. Never in my born days have I witnessed the mental capacity and the reaction of every problem that comes forth on the fake news and for voting on the floor – where there is an emotional witnessing of their vote – not a vote with discussion and common sense thoughts.

The oh so tolerant left has a nifty habit of reacting like children when it comes to Trump victories. The election and Inauguration of Trump gave America some of the best liberal freak-outs in existence. Check out these toddlers crying and destroying things because they didn’t get their way

Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/crazy-anti-trump-tantrums-caught-on-tape-videos#8iSKU4RYByMZcZM5.99

This alone tells me we have a drug problem in our government which was expressed by one of their workers in her new book and how sex and drugs on Obama’s Air Force and cult parties drinking blood in the White House were rampant.

This has to curl the toes of any citizen when a government has been proven to be corrupt and out of control during that time – especially with the Dem’s/Elite Repub’s Schumer/Pelosi/Ryan/McConnell/fake media continuing every day to bring to the floor, hysterically, the problems of that day.

That is not normal!

Our country has a drug problem on the streets of the country and do we have this same problem inside of our government.

The hysteria that is being shown on the floor of the Congress and Senate during the conducting of government business is alarming. Houston – do we have a drug problem.

I really think we need to have each official of the government and each worker to be tested on a random basis for drugs.

During my working career, we had drug dogs who were run through our office building on a random basis to check for drugs. Is that being done in our government offices?

All I know with what I see and how the Dem’s conduct themselves on TV when conducting their job – something is wrong at the funny farm.


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