Growing up we always heard – if you don’t use it – you lose it. From the looks of things the Dem’s/Elite Repub’s are trying to lose the “rule of law” which has always been standard practice in the U.S.

Now Ray Stevens will tell you all about immigration:

Each day the TV is ringing with all of the talk, talk, and more talk, about how Obama and his minion Democratic Admin/Elite Repub’s broke the law and were governed by one set of rules; but, when it comes to the rest of us – they applied a different set of rules. Why is that? That is not how the Constitution reads.

Are they not following the Constitution to solve the FBI/DOJ corruption? If not, what rule of law are they now using to solve this corruption during the Obama Administration? We knew that during Obama’s administration they were not following the law. Why Eric Holder and Obama paid no heed to the rule of law.

Former President Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch and Obama, used a fake name to cover up an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, indicates an admission from Lynch’s attorney.

Lynch was caught conducting a secret meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private plane on a tarmac in Phoenix last year as Clinton’s wife pursued the presidency and amid an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private, unsecured email server, which she illegally used during her tenure as secretary of State. Soon afterward, the former attorney general reportedly used a pseudonym to coordinate a narrative about the meeting with Department of Justice officials, Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller reports.

In one of Sylvia Thompson’s blogs she stated:

“Recently, a Congressional Committee called upon a group of legal and policy professionals to testify regarding Obama’s blatant disregard for his Constitutional limits. In that committee hearing, a Cato Institute policy director (Michael Cannon) offered that if citizens conclude that government officials are not bound by law, they may also conclude that neither should they be. And I will add that citizens most certainly will not see a need to obey wrong-headed laws that serve to enslave them.”

“Yes, the jackboots who control the government can bring down the full force of that government upon citizens, and to varying degrees, they have been doing just that. What else would you call the IRS scandals and the umpteen lawless agencies at their command to harass citizens? Yes indeed they can and do exert force. The issue, however, is not what this corrupt, vile government can and will do; the issue is how long Americans will cower on their knees in the dirt, shielding their necks from the next boot drop. That is the issue.”

The last two paragraphs happened during the Obama’s two administrations and the Bundy’s Ranch was a good example of one of the travesties and how the Obama had two standards of law – one for the conservatives and one for the Obama cult.

Now, we are at the stage of immigration and the Dem/Elite Repub’s are working toward one solution which is the changing of the guards – which is over running the country with illegals for more votes and therefore changing the culture and values of the country which ends up working with Obama/Clinton/Bush’s One World Order and continuing the wealth distribution.

We have to follow the rule of law. If a parent knowingly enters the U.S. with a child without the proper paper work – the law reads she has committed a crime and will have due process – which means that she and the child will be placed in separate detentions.

What is so hard to understand about that? They knowingly break the law and knowingly know the child will be removed from their care until they are processed.

The Democrat politicians are the ones who are up in arms; but, they are the ones who could fix immigration; but, they don’t want to because they do not have any more “worms in the can” which they can pull out to upset the public.

This same thing happens to citizens in the U.S. who have committed a crime and go to prison. Why aren’t these Dem/Elite Repub politicians as concerned about their children as they are these illegal children.

Why – because they feel they already have the black vote in the bag – because the majority of the population in prison are blacks, can’t vote and are of no use to them any more but have always voted for Democrats. I don’t see these politicians being so concerned about the prison population’s children.


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