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During whose administration – all of the past Presidents? Their idea is – why should I worry since I won’t be held accountable. This is how corruption starts.

Pentagon’s budget out of balance by trillions you say? For what reason does this continue? Rumors which I have heard all of my voting days were – if you want to get rich – go to work for the government. They have such good benefits – like every day is dividend day. You bring all kinds of goodies home like blocks of cheese if you work in the commissary, pencils, tablets, computers, etc. This is just the small stuff – then you get into the payoff business with lobbyists – that is where the high dollars come into being – what does it matter if I sell just one of my votes. That is how the government works.

If you would make each congressman or senator post what his worth was when he entered the government and when he left – your jaws would drop. This should be done. And then you look at the healthcare and compare what they give to the taxpayers and what they give to themselves – it is disgraceful. Either they take what we have or give us what they have.

Another thing that blows me away are the different branches of government that receive a lot of money and the person who is the head person walks out of office like Hillary Clinton and couldn’t account for $6 million. Why aren’t they held accountable and the same thing for the Pentagon. Why aren’t those people held accountable – the money was there, initially. Where did it go? If they are not held accountable then they are not good leaders.

Nothing is too big not to be accountable. You have to take time out, take an inventory, and then start fresh. If not, you never know where you stand and that is how things go haywire like it has in the military. Every stinkin’ nail and hammer should be accounted for.

During the campaign, Candidate Trump, if I understood correctly – stated that the Pentagon would have to be accountable for the money and their inventory. Sure hope that will be the case.

One place that needs to be reconciled are these $75 hammers and knowing where the money goes and not in someone’s pocket. That seems to be the problem in our government. Don’t they have any accountants who are honest?

I still am looking forward to reducing the number of employees working for the government – especially, all of those outside people that work for the military – what is that all about?

Time to tighten the belt – cause we are running out of holes to expand the belt.


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This long before Trump, during an administration, that did not, does not hold anyone accountable.  Something only the guilty do.   If there were funds missing of any magnitude during the Trump administration, there would be more cries of impeachment from the left.  When they are in, SILENCE!


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