Secretary Pompeo says the U.S. has not done enough to protect 2018 elections. My question is – why not?

Maybe the tech powers were too busy making plans for taking over their own country. We are far behind for a purpose by our chicken-feathered friends.

We have Microsoft and Google as the largest and most knowledgeable rich and savy tech people and our elections cannot be protected. This is a great cause of concern especially when these two have companies who have set up complicated moon landings and aircraft carriers housing 6,000 on board with enough tech gear that would boogle “grand paw’s” mind and to think they can’t handle a sheet of paper for voting without being hacked.

That makes the tech giants look stupid. Why is it that a sheet of paper can be hacked and moon landings and ships with tech savy instruments can move along without being hacked. Something does not add up here.

From my prospective, all of the hacking that happened during the past years was Obama/Clapper/Brennan’s criminal activity and trying to manipulate that system to achieve their evil plans. Sorry to be so cynical – but from what we have seen on the stages of the past administration, House, and Senate – it doesn’t look like there was much intelligence moving around except for evil deeds.

It has been found out by the committee who reviewed states and their elections that a lot of shenanigans are moving about. You can only be as honest as the people who are handling the election and both parties are guilty of cheating. Until stricter rules are established like a voter ID card with a photo and finger print – nothing will change and that is why the congressmen and senate won’t move in that direction because they want to cheat. One additional problem are the illegals and felons voting. The Constitution is not being followed and each state handles their voting differently.

A solid way to vote in federal elections is each state has to verify in advance their notarized voter registration sheet since at the present time they have too many dead people voting in addition to illegals and felons. This sheet has to be verified by D.C. a month before the election. The state must furnish this verified list. Anyone tampering should be prosecuted immediately.

Since computer hacking is occurring, it is necessary to use a pen/paper ballot in order to have the identification for that ballot. No computers and no hanging chads. Ballots have to be retained until the election has been certified. No state should use computer voting. Until we can find a level of confidence in our voting, we should stick to pen and paper ballots.

Why are we making elections so difficult – because each party cheats.


Pompeo says the US has not done enough to protect 2018 elections
By Zachary Cohen and Laura Koran, CNN 2 hrs ago


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the US has a “great deal more work to do” to safeguard the integrity of American elections ahead of the upcoming 2018 midterms.

“I have to say there is more work to do,” Pompeo told lawmakers on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “We have not been able to achieve deterrence, effective deterrence of some of these efforts of the Russians.”
Asked if the administration has forestalled the next attack on US democracy, Pompeo said: “No responsible government official would ever state that they have done enough to forestall any attack on the United States of America.”

“We work diligently on it each day we reduce threats, we take them from the battlefield, we take them from the economic sphere, we reduce them diplomatically, we work hard at it every day but I will never share with you that I believe we have accomplished that to 100% certainty,” he said.

However, Pompeo also added that he is “incredibly proud” of the Trump administration’s efforts to counter Russia, which he described as “light years” ahead of previous administrations.

“This administration has taken enormous efforts to push back on Russia that have not been done in an awfully long time either here in the United States or frankly from our partners who are even more threatened by Russia than we are in Europe and elsewhere,” he said.

Last year, as CIA director, Pompeo noted that outside interference remains a threat to the midterm elections in 2018 and the next presidential election in 2020.

“We are at risk in 2018 and 2020 … we are always at risk,” Pompeo said at the time.

On Tuesday, House members received a classified briefing on the federal government’s efforts to secure state elections for the 2018 midterms.
Some lawmakers have raised concerns that the federal government has not adequately prepared states for the continued threat from Russia and other countries to meddle in the upcoming elections.

After the briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made the case that other state actors — including Iran and China, along with Russia — will try to meddle again in 2018. And she laid out what she believes is a comprehensive federal-state strategy on combating foreign inference.

The briefing itself was lightly attended by House members, with several lawmakers saying only 40 to 50 were in attendance.


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