KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Another School Shooting, But Why? – Dem Sen No ‘Single Piece of Legislation’ Would Have Stopped It. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Basic common sense duties of a school board and administration to protect the children:

– Start out teaching the basics: ten commandments, the Constitution, standing for the the US national anthem and the Pledge in the schools beginning in kindergarten. At least it will give these students something to have as a basis for their life and think about. Right now the school board only want to teach them about sex. The funny thing though is these students could probably teach them a few tricks. Some will holler – but do you want live or dead kids.

– Have school with a high fence and only one main controlled exit and entrance with guards and a metal detector. Sorry, but that is what it has come too. Stagger entrance time.

– Have teachers trained on what to do in the event of a shooter. For years we did fire drills and bombing drills.

– Stop the “free gun zones” that only tells the killer where to go to do the most damage.

– Hire more teachers who have a thought process and who are not a brain dead liberal.

– Stop letting the muslims have free reign with this teaching of Islam in our schools. America is an “all” religions based country.

– Fire any teacher who teaches “hate” or bad mouths the government or official.

– Just do your job to teach the students how to read, write, and arithmetic.

– Keep the teachers’ union out of the schools.


Reclaim Our Republic

Another School Shooting, This One in Santa Fe. But Why?

May 19, 2018  by  Bob Adelmann

Another School Shooting, This One in Santa Fe. But Why?

The problem isn’t guns but people who use them to commit evil. The solution is not simply to protect ourselves from evildoers but to reverse our cultural decline that has caused more people to choose evil over good.

Early Friday morning 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis burst into an art classroom at Santa Fe High School, shouted “Surprise!” and started shooting. By the time the spree ended nine students and one teacher lay dead and another 10 students wounded, some seriously.

But although this is the latest school shooting this year, it is not the only one, or even the most lethal. Three months earlier, another school shooter claimed 17 innocent lives in Parkland, Florida.

Why is this happening? What can be done about it? Who’s to blame?

According to anti-gun leftists, gun-rights supporters are…

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