KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Trump Torches Desperate DNC sham lawsuit Russia /Trump /Wikileaks – Counter sue – Ryan,McConnell Missing. Reclaim Our Republic.

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DNC is BUSTED and now looking to the Republican Party with a law suit to bring the jingle of coins to their coffers. During the 2016 election their money was funneled in through back door illegal funds from foreign countries with the help of the corrupt Obama, FBI, and DOJ. Will the courts recognize this ploy by the Democrats – just another trick to delay justice to the corrupt Obama regime and call this a frivolous law suit? If not, the charade will continue.

DNC SPENT $57 million in their bid for the Presidency – for heavens sake – where was this money funneled? The defenders point out that the group does not operate the same as normal charities. It once tweeted that more than 88 percent of its expenditures went to “life-changing work.”

The DNC is broke; but, the Clinton’s are still “flying high.” Money doesn’t seem to be a problem. Maybe the DNC might need to audit the campaign and see how the money was run around the DNC directly into the coffers of Clinton foundation instead of through the DNC and then to the Clinton’s.

DNC were tricked by the Clinton’s with the idea that Clinton Foundation salaries can be ‘life-changing’ – on average, employees were paid more than $72,000 each year, far above the national personal income average of just under $35,000. And considering the meager sums they’ve given to real charitable work, one wonders exactly whose lives the Clinton Foundation is trying to change.

Will “all” of these lives the Clinton Foundation changed, please come forward to tell us how this changed their lives in order to justify the “BROKE” DNC?

The Democrats were living the high life during the campaign; but, they did not save any for the next campaign and now are looking for the big moneyed people to save them – now that all of the money has evaporated. Somebody wasn’t watching the purse!


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