KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO New USA History textbook: Trump’s ‘ racism connected with voters’ – Don’t Let Kids Grow Up To Be Marxist Morons! Reclaim Our Republic.

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We cannot continue to allow the schools and colleges to continue teaching this “MARXISM” in our schools. The parents have to see what is going on in the classroom – the President and the Secretary of Education cannot do it by themselves – it has to be the parents – now before it is too late. Education is paid for in the local districts and parents need to check out to see what their children are being taught.

This charade about “prayer” cannot be said the in the public square is a joke and parents have to fight for this right because one by one these marxists are taking away our rights because our children are being brain-washed to think otherwise.

The following text book is called “hokey-pokey.” The teachers union is our problem because it is backed by the Democratic Party which is now a muslim/communistic party. Again, my suggestion is to check out your schools and if they are teaching this marxists element – you must make some noise.


Reclaim Our Republic

New American History textbook: Trump’s ‘not-very-hidden racism connected with significant number of voters’

New US History School Textbook Slams Trump Supporters As Scared Racists


American schools are the battlefield for our children’s minds and progressives are in charge of it all, from writing the textbooks, to those reading them aloud in class.

Indianapolis talk radio host Alex On-Air posted several examples on Twitter from the Advanced Placement edition of “By The People: A History of the United States,” published by textbook giant Pearson which has a copyright of 2019.

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