KOMMONSENTSJANE – Text messages discredit anti-gun march organizer’s alleged statement claiming Hunter Pollack was invited to speak at march. Reclaim Our Republic.

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There are so many dishonest Hollywood people in this fight. Why didn’t Hollywood allow this young man, Hunter Pollak, to have a share in a day that was supposed to be for all victims of Parkland. Because the politicians used the young people as pawns and they knew Hunter could not be used as a pawn.

Why not – because it was Hollywood and the Democrats political fight to ban guns not to give these victims a chance to vent their disappointment in the people and the nation who failed to protect them.


Reclaim Our Republic

Mar 27, 2018 BY TEAM DML

by Dennis Michael Lynch

The Sun-Sentinel on Sunday published an article about Parkland, Florida resident Hunter Pollack. In my opinion the article is “fake news” at its very worst.

Hunter Pollack is the brother of one of the victims of the Parkland shooting that took place on Valentine’s Day, Meadow Pollack.

According to the Sentinel, one of the March For Our Lives organizers claims Hunter Pollack was approved to be one of the speakers but decided not to show up Saturday morning.  The article appears to be an attempt by the writer and the march organizer to discredit the Pollack family.  Either way, the claim is a flat out lie, and I hold the proof.

The Sentinel writes: “Ryan Deitsch, one of the core group of march organizers from Parkland, said Hunter Pollack was on the list of speakers, but didn’t show up at Saturday…

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