Trump Forces World Leaders To Yield To U.S. On New Iran Deal

The Obama-era bowing and scraping to less powerful nations is a thing of the past, and President Donald Trump now has world leaders scurrying to adhere to American interests with regard to the faulty Iran Nuclear Deal.

The Iran deal that former Pres. Obama embroiled the United States in stood against all common sense and reason. The radical Muslim nation has been a long-time enemy state that funds terrorism and, to this day, holds government rallies calling for the death of Americans and Israelis.

In exchange for a short-term agreement to not develop nuclear weapons, Obama lifted a wealth of sanctions against the rogue regime and paid them off with nearly $2 billion in cold hard, American cash. That payment has been traced to terror activities aimed at regional destabilization and the killing of American soldiers. Reports coming out of the Middle East continue to point to Iran for assisting North Korea with its intercontinental ballistic program.

In return, the U.S., EU, Russia and China have limited abilities to monitor our enemy’s nuclear program.

EU Leaders Scramble

With newly tapped Mike Pompeo leading the charge from the State Department, the Iran deal appears to be on thin ice. Pompeo has been a long-time critic of the agreement who wants either a fair deal or no deal. The U.S. throttled the Iranian economy for many years over its anti-American aggression. That stance appears preferable to allowing the extremist regime to secretly develop nuclear weapons.

With Iran expert Pompeo in house, Pres. Trump is fully prepared to take action when the May 12 diplomatic deadline hits. Pres. Trump set the date that allows other world leaders time to agree on a deal suitable to American Interests. These include:

-New nuclear restrictions
-Comprehensive nuclear inspection capabilities
-No sunset clause on the agreement

Other signatories to the flawed deal include France, Germany, U.K., Russia and China. The EU countries have been working diligently to meet U.S. demands and keep the pact in place, with Trump’s improvements. Experts are reporting that more restrictions and inspections are likely to be supported by other signatories. Iran is said to be willing to, begrudgingly, sign a “fix.” However, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has repeatedly railed against renegotiating the pact. He has pointed the finger at EU leaders saying they are reneging to “appease” the Americans.

“We now have two problems, one is the US and the other the EU,” Zarif reportedly said.

After eight years of the Obama administration failing to secure national interests, enemy regimes such as Iran and North Korea are discovering Red Lines are no longer pithy policy speeches, they are a reality. Still, American counterparts don’t believe they can create a permanent Iran fix.

The Day After Trump Kills The Iran Deal

The May 12 deadline was imposed by Pres. Trump in January, and the administration has signaled that the buck stops then. Other foreign powers have enjoyed ample time to yield to American national security interests. In the aftermath of the Obama-era deal being killed, the bombs won’t start flying. However, a series of responses and protocols have been keenly calculated.

The State Department has a plan to impose diplomatic sanctions while keeping negotiation channels open. The thinking at State is that Iran will return to the table rather than suffer isolation. The National Security Council has made preparations to deal with Iran on a military level. Head-to-head confrontation appears unlikely, but the radical regime may attempt to further motivate and fund terror outliers in regions such as Syria and Yemen.

Economic sanctions are assured. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin has been tremendously effective at targeting foreign entities that act contrary to American national security. He has been a lead player in forcing North Korea into peace talks and ferreting out bad Russian business actors.

The wild card will likely be what Russia and China do should Pres. Trump end the deal. Relations have been strained over trade and election meddling, but experts see the other superpowers continuing to work both sides of the fence.

What Americans Can Expect

Everyday Americans are likely to see the fake news media condemn exiting the Iran Nuclear Deal. The same personalities that decried Pres. Trump’s strategy toward North Korea may claim the sky is once again falling. Other than a bunch of headlines, American businesses and workers are unlikely to even notice. Iran, on the other hand, will suffer tough economic consequences.


We need a refund of the 2 billion in cold hard cash Obama paid Iran.


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