It looks like the parents were asleep at the wheel – when they let Clinton, Bush II and Obama drive our kids into the ditch. If I were parents I would check out the schools and kick the butts of the school boards in every city in America who caused this and who deliberately dumbed down our kids. Find out how much your children know by having them tested by an outsider. It’s not too late.

We can’t allow them to get by with this dereliction of what they were elected to do in their job as a member of the school board in our towns across America. If I were the parents I would file a lawsuit against the Teachers Union for this deliberate act. Why didn’t any teacher step up and tell the public what the School Board/Union was doing to the children instead of helping them in this crime?

I hope the parents realize the money that has been spent by these idiots for naught.


Public Schools are Focusing on Teaching Kids Social Justice Rather than Reading and Math


Parents across the country have watched in horror as their children have been exposed to the radical left’s takeover of public education. But even with angry mothers and fathers outraged at what their children are being taught, this video reveals even more disturbing trends in education.

In this news clip, Ezra Levant and Andrew Klavan debate how far liberals have gone to shift school curriculums away from the necessary life skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

In place of these core educational tools, educators are holding children hostage and indoctrinating them into a liberal mindset. The new curriculum, if one can call it that, teaches radical ideas that sexualize helpless children.

Levant has emerged as a popular Canadian Conservative icon who defends the vitality of the family. Klavan’s works of fiction have captured the imagination of millions in the crime and suspense genres. And although the pair come from vastly different professions, they agree that teachers and administrators are laying siege to family values.

What may leave many parents and extended family members shocked and appalled are the details about the confusing and troubling worldview being shoved down children’s throats. They leave little doubt that liberal educators think they simply know better than the backwards mothers and fathers who entrust their children to them each day.
Find out just how far school curriculum has gone toward discarding the values of everyday families in this clip.


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