Now that the bill has been passed and signed by both the House and the Senate, could we have a report from both houses as to where we stand with the border wall and the amount of money we have to build the wall?

More than a BILLION of dollars have been spent in recent years on a physical wall and the so-called virtual fence, and what do we have to show for it? Whoever is furnishing and tracking the money is not doing a very good job.

The virtual fence never worked. It didn’t work when it was started in 1998 under the Clinton administration, and the company that originally worked on it, L-3 Communications, wasted about $250 million. It didn’t work under Boeing either. They walked away with about $1 billion – for what?

Just think, so far we have wasted $250 million for L-3 Communications and $1 $1 billion for Boeing and not one person was held accountable?

Were the Clinton, Bush II, and the Obama administration using this money as “stuff in the pocket money.” Why haven’t we had an investigation on what happened up to now? We just keep asking for more money and are spinning our wheels.

The American people want an accounting of this money.

This money that Schumer has asked for the New York/New Jersey tunnel is just another boondoogle for his Union cronies.


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