What is the difference in one night stands and an affair when you are under a contract for a paid job?

Let’s talk about these women who are coming out of the wood work and want to sue the President about having sex and now they are calling it an affair with the President. Who were the other important men that these two had sex with – that needs to be disclosed by the fake news media – surely, the President is not the one and only in their little black book and their bag of tricks.


What is the difference in a one night stand and having weekly visits to the brothel or meeting in luxurious hotels who have brothel rooms like LBJ did as stated in books which were written about his life – and JFK and all of the women he had sex with? Seems like a limo would pick up LBJ every Friday night and deliver him to a brothel right down the street from the White House. Where is the rest of that story from the fake media?

What is the difference in those men and the President? Both of those men were married? Did these women – who are now complaining and want to sue the President – ever serve LBJ and JFK?

Wasn’t that what these women were supposed to do in their line of work? Were these women who want to sue the President work for a Brothel company, did they have a pimp, or did they work off the street – attend important events in order to meet these highly successful men and do their bang-up job and then put him in their little black book for future reference? Like – if things get tough – they can sue? Did these women ever send a survey to their customers to see if the customers were satisfied?

Why do they think that the public wants to hear about their salacious sex life? The President is not the first person they were paid to have sex with – so what is the big deal?

Are they being paid by the Democrat left to keep stirring the pot and how much? That is an important question for the public to know.

Wonder how much money these women are paid for a sex hit – especially important people – with guards – do the guards get to sit in on the action?

So many questions and so little time to ask the important questions. Don’t see why these reporters aren’t asking those questions like – WHAT, WHEN, WHERE,and who all were present in the room?

Instead of the game Pok-e-mon – it is now called Pok-e-woman!


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