KOMMONSENTSJANE – Condoleezza Rice says US needs to consider Second Amendment’s place in a “modern world”. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Ms. Rice is right – listening is very important in the modern world.  Was this double speak – yes, we hear you – what is your solution?

She told Hewitt that talking across “our differences is extremely important” and that communities have to “pull together.”

My question to Ms. Rice – how do we accomplish this “communities have to pull together?”  It seems the “pulling” is happening – but with the dark government of Obama AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY – it is going in the opposite direction.

But, those who are in law enforcement have to be honest and uphold and follow the laws of the Constitution which wasn’t happening under the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations – borders were wide open.

We have to start at the top of the food chain as to who was skirting the law:

The School Board making deals with the Sheriff for not reporting arrests to bring in more Fed money for the school. The Principal for allowing it with a go along attitude. The end result – all of the visits to the killer’s house for violence and not reporting it to the FBI. This resulted in the killer not being put on the gun registry as a violent offender. The FBI who had countless reports about the killer.

Then you have the officers who committed a dereliction of duty. The sheriff and his officers have to go – they are corrupt. They must stop the “GUN FREE ZONE AT ALL SCHOOLS” to protect the children.  Security must be first priority – like it or not.

And you end up with 17 dead people that should have never happened.

As usual, it started at the top of the food chain because the school wanted more Federal money.


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