KOMMONSENTSJANE – Broward County Sheriff’s Lamborghini police car. Arlin’s Report.

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Jeepers – creepers – really – not a good role model for a work car.  If this was possessed through a drug raid – they could have sold it for a lot of cash and think of the money and security that would have bought for their town.  The Sheriff sounds like a narcissist.

What is this world coming too? No common sense at all.


Laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.



ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Broward County Sheriff’s quick response police vehicle……….right?    Not likely, you wouldn’t want some crazy with an AR-15 splattering this baby with multiple shots.   Watch out for that paint job.    Check out the “To protect and Serve” slogan over the rear tire.   Who were they protecting on February 14th at the school?   NOBODY ………these guys will stand beside a Lambo but stay clear from students (kids) being slaughtered.  I would bet the four cowards who failed to enter the school to confront the killer are pictured here.   I don’t give a damn if the Sheriff gave a stand down order not to enter (and I don’t know that he did or did not) you stood, hid and did NOTHING, you’re a coward.   Officer (cringe), would you have remained outside if it were daughter, son or grandchild inside?    Would you be that low?

It is obvious the Sheriff’s Department…

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