Isn’t it strange that the fake news and the Democrats are still using Rob Porter’s firing and the timeline as the scapegoat for the stupidity of the Democrat’s’ memo submitted to the President which deliberately included classified information so that the President  – after it was reviewed by intelligence – that it could not be released.

Why didn’t the Dem’s, themselves, have their memo reviewed before submitting it to the President.  DUUUUUH!  The reason they didn’t because – then they wouldn’t have anything to continue to cover up their involvement in the continued Russia probe.

They have been caught with their pants down and stepped in their own poop and now can’t pull their pants up because the poop will get all over them.

Wonder how many more tricks they have in their unmasked Samantha Powers play book through the FISA court where they were listening to Trump’s folks before and during the campaign.  They continue to pull these out when they need a quick distraction.  Isn’t it about time for the Intelligence groups to lay out all of this on the table since the Dem’s have all of these blackmail stories like Porter’s wives leftover from the Obama administration.

Shall we call in a priest for an all day confessional for the Dem’s?


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