KOMMONSENTSJANE – Pedophiles, criminals & foreign agents had top secret national security clearance. Fellowship of the Minds.

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How does a foreigner from Pakistan come by a job in the Halls of Congress without being vetted?  Especially, when we have smart people who are Americans and would jump at the chance.

Birds of a feather stick together. The Dem’s can’t hire anyone who doesn’t have a record because they wouldn’t stay on the job. Anyone with any sense would recognize the snake pit in which Obama moves about. You would never last if you were an honest person.

Good example was Dem-Rep Wasserman-Schultz and her Pakistani office workers who left with all kinds of secrets, computer equipment, cash, and codes and you never saw the FBI trying to keep them from leaving the country.  Think there was only one who is taking the fall and is in jail.  These people worked for a bunch of Democrat Congressman and saved classified info and passed it on to their fellow terrorists in Pakistan.  Do these Dem’s care – hell no,  because they are of the same stripe?

Gee, I thought every one recognized that “yellow stripe” on Obama’s back.


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