Vatican Slams Politicians “Obsessed” with Border Security

January 21, 2018

By Andrew

Why is it okay for the Vatican to have a fence surrounding it – to protect them – and it is against America having a fence at its southern border to protect the citizens?

My first and only  reply is – it is none of their business to begin with and they need to stop interfering with government business and stick to religion.

They need to start responding to protecting the Christians in the middle east and work toward hiring more priests in the U.S. who are home grown.  The priests who are being brought into the U.S. do not speak the language and do not have the values of Americans.  If these words upsets the apply cart – so be it.

We have too many priests in the U.S. who are too involved in immigrating illegals instead of being interested in keeping the parishioners they currently have and that is why people are leaving the churches.


The Catholic Church has been at right angles with the populist movements rising up in Britain, France, and the United States for some time, and a recent statement from the Vatican proves that this situation is not going to change anytime soon.

While the Church profits exceedingly well off of refugee resettlement and illegal immigration throughout the Western world, Christian men and women – even those who concede to the Pope on matter of doctrine – are not necessarily buying into the Vatican’s position on these matters. In fact, many Catholics are beginning to wish Pope Francis would stay quiet when it comes to matters of border security and national identity.

This week, Jesuit Father Michael Czerny told Italian media that much of the criticism thrown at the pontiff was unfair and that the Vatican stands behind Francis’s message of inclusiveness 100%.

From Breitbart:

Many would say that the modern “obsession with borders and national security to the detriment of the rights and dignity of refugees and refugees” is excessive, the priest declared. And for many others, “the media predilection for sensational stories that feed xenophobia and isolationism is also excessive,” he added.

For many people, “the way in which politicians create or exaggerate a sense of crisis to obtain short-term advantages is decidedly excessive,” he said.

Anybody who thinks the Pope’s focus on migrants is obsessive “should give the current situation a thoughtful look,” Father Czerny said. If anything is excessive, “it is the slowness with which the ‘developed’ world responds to such obvious and pressing needs,” many would say.

The line between the xenophobia that the Vatican denounces and common-sense border security measures is not necessarily all that thin. It only appears that way because the left (including the Catholic Church) has decided that the West – and the U.S. in particular – has the responsibility to resettle any refugee who needs a home, no matter how many millions that number may come to. No matter the security concerns.

No matter the culture clash that is certain to follow. And no matter the real, proven threat of letting Muslims come to the West, knowing that at least some percentage of them will bring jihadist beliefs along with them. Jihadist beliefs that they will not hesitate to act on.

Should we act to help those in need? No doubt about it. But there are ways to do that – and Trump has said exactly this – without sacrificing our own country on the altar of good Samaritanism.

This is the balance we must find.

Germany and France and Sweden are showing us, in practice, what happens when we fail to do so.

May God Bless America.














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