KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO “Deep State” Bureaucracy vs. Trump, USA, Constitution – Bush Drops Mask Russian Election Collusion, Globalism. Reclaim Our Republic.

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The Bushes have been a total disappointment to the American people. They have joined forces with Hillary Clinton/Obama and are trying to take over our country and do a number on us. Did you ever think the Bushes would put their feet under the Clinton’s table?   In the U.S. we call the Clinton’s WHITE TRASH because of their corruption.

It is a shame they will go down in history having tried to over take the Trump Presidency with Hillary Clinton and Obama.


Reclaim Our Republic

Nor is it only American patriots who should never give up the fight but all who count on the freedom and liberty of the West; all those who know down at heart that “Without America, there is no Free World”

George W. Bush Drops His Mask on Russian Election Collusion and Globalism

Oct 20, 2017 By Judi McLeod

Former President George W. Bush—whose lips remained forever sealed during the eight long years that Barack Hussein Obama was uninterruptedly fundamentally transforming America—threw his weight on the no-evidence conspiracy that the Russians stole the election from Hillary Clinton, today.

“In remarks at a forum in New York held by the organization that runs his presidential library, Bush said the Russian cyberattacks amounted to a “sustained attempt by a hostile power to feed and exploit our country’s divisions.” (NBC News, Oct. 19, 2017)

“The Russian government has made a project of…

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