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You don’t say:

“It is your patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.”

Any person who makes that statement: NEEDS TO HAVE HIS HEAD EXAMINED – he certainly is out of his mind.

Brussels has already proven with IQ tests that their minds are missing a few biscuits which is evident by his statement.

These people are animals and have to be treated as such – no amount of training will change their attitude. They are too old to “cut the mustard” for sure.

Just build them a farm in the desert and let them roam free.




By Denis MacEoin

For a time, one could not open a newspaper or visit an online news site without finding yet another scandal about sexual harassment. Lawyers are presumably going to have a field day for years to come. In the UK, a further wave of accusations has shaken an already shaky parliament and the Government, whose Cabinet is increasingly in disarray. In the US Congress, Hollywood and elsewhere, similar claims are still being made, with #MeToo stories being shared by women, while there is an unknown number of accusations in US statehouses.

Sex scandals in the West are far from new.[1] The irony is that this brings us face to face with attitudes to the same problem in the Islamic world.

For many years in the West, it was common practice for sexual harassment and rape among celebrities and public figures to be hushed up. To secure silence, abusers…

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