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And there is another moral to the story:

The government doesn’t want to know where they are. Instead of vetting them when they returned – the government’s attitude is “what we don’t know won’t hurt us – but eventually it will and we will deal with it then after more people are killed.”



All European governments do not know where thousands of Jihadis gone to fight with Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria now are. Security Minister Ben Wallace said that around half of the estimated 850 Britons who traveled to the war zone are back in the UK, but they do not know exactly where many others are. Only a fraction are thought to have been killed, and others could have crossed over into Turkey as they attempt to reach safety as the caliphate crumbles.

However, Wallace told us the authorities had not lost track of the terror suspects. “They went into a very hard part of Syria to reach into the Euphrates valley and then were dispersed from there,” he told us, continuing: What we do know is about half have come back to the United Kingdom of the original 850-odd that went out of concern. About 15 per cent…

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