KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Sorry Libs: Russia Wanted HILLARY To Win The Election, and Now There’s Proof! – Hillary Projecting. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Finally! The Democrats are just trying to cover their tracks since they lost the election. Putin really was working to get Hillary elected; but, after Prez Trump was elected – the information is out there – but you have all of these road blocks by people who were paid off – Hillary Clinton/Obama and the Democratic Party and you still have the bulk of the left over Obama pigs still in their jobs – working against the new leader.


Reclaim Our Republic

Liberals have been crying for nearly a year that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election, and yet here we have some breaking news: They’re wrong. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, though. Liberals are often wrong, and yet can never admit it. Well no need to admit it this time, because there’s proof.

Russia didn’t want Trump at all – Putin wanted HILLARY in office.

Conservative Post reports:

There is mounting evidence that the now discredited dossier was used as justification for seeking a secret FISA warrant to wiretap Donald Trump and his associates.

Anyone involved in the creation of the dossier, or the use of the dossier to seek out a FISA warrant may be guilty of colluding with foreigners to influence the election, because after all, Christopher Steele is a British citizen.

Democrats say that by attempting to undermine those who…

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