Why are we still having to beg the elected officials to follow the Constitution?  Is there something I am missing here?

Starting with Bush I, then Bill Clinton, then George Bush II, and then the worst abuser of the Constitution was Obama.

These damn elected officials just don’t want to do their job – just draw their paycheck because they have already been paid off by the Democrats and the muslim/socialist countries.  They balk at anything that will help the American people – looked at Obamacare and taxes – they still won’t help the American people – still working for the muslim/socialist democrats.

Just wait until it is time to vote for them!

We all know when Obama was elected – he and the Democratic Party hijacked the country and worked feverously to make the U.S. into a Islamic country by installing the Muslim Brotherhood by illegal means to run the country.

In fact, the military, the government, and the educational system were purged of any reference to Christianity.  And, you know what – the Congress and the Senate did not make any objection to his hijacking the country.  Obama ran up our debt –  double the amount –  and not one congressman or senator stood up for the people.

An election was held on November 8, 2016, and the American people elected Donald Trump as the new President to return to our roots as a Christian nation and freedom under the Constitution.

Again, so why are we still having to beg the elected officials to follow the Constitution?  Again, is there something I am missing here?

A good example is this recent incident of leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB ) which was left in place when Prez Trump was elected.  The damn democrats think they still own the government.

Where is the Constitution and relinquishing power?

It is time to shove these air heads into their place at this time.  They will try anything just to see if they can steal it – the Democrat muslim/socialist way.

It is time to show the Democrats the Constitution which they swore to uphold or be thrown out of office.


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