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We have to hit the nail on the head in the instance of:

Washington Post reporter Janelle Ross – should be fired if she attended the underground meeting without her employer’s permission.

George Soros use to work for Hitler and is using the same tactics that Hitler used. He thinks nothing of crushing out ordinary people. He views himself as a dictator.

My opinion is that all of the countries should ban him and make him go into exile and freeze his assets.

He wants a one world globalist countries and the people as peasants under a dictatorship.

Time for the government to make him an offer he can’t refuse to leave the country.


Reclaim Our Republic

 The History of Sex in America, Part 1

22 Nov 2017 by Ann Coulter

“Spotlight on sexual harassment moves victims to break silence”

“Women Drawing the Line”

“The Evolving Concept of Sexual Harassment”

Thousands and thousands of headlines like these appeared in newspapers across the country — back in 1991. Spare us the self-righteousness, millennials.

Just as every new generation thinks it discovered sex, refusing to wonder how they came kicking and screaming into the world, apparently the new thing is for every generation to think it discovered sexual harassment.

Historical note for my younger readers: George Washington didn’t grab women’s breasts or force them to watch him masturbate.

There have been tectonic shifts in Americans’ attitudes about sex, but the idea of thanking someone by sending him a prostitute with a note in her vagina is of relatively recent vintage. (Hat tip: Hollywood’s Robert Evans!) (For Larry David fans…

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