KOMMONSENTSJANE – Right to Life and the Second Amendment – Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Lobby Spent Over $71 Million, 3 Election Cycles. Reclaim Our Republic.

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It is very evident that Bloomberg (another Jew) is working against the American people..

Their plans are to try to take our guns and then turn this country into a socialists country. Wouldn’t it be nice if Bloompants would have put that money on the U.S. debt instead of the queer lobbyists’ pockets who work for him.


Reclaim Our Republic

The Right to Life and the Second Amendment

Nov 19, 2017  by David Risselada

The left is circling the wagons again on gun control. It is only a matter of time before they have the support needed to ram through their agenda, which would only leave good people defenseless against those with no inclination to follow the law. This has been a slow, incremental process aimed at changing the culture and psyche of the American population. Fear, propaganda and lies have been shoved down our throats along with an educational agenda designed to change the way the younger generations view their nation.

Consider this for a moment, seventy seven percent of Democrats with a higher education degree believe that gender is not determined at birth. This was accomplished through constant indoctrination into leftist ideology in our taxpayer funded institutions. If we as a nation fail to realize they are working incessantly…

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