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Very interesting indeed. It is amazing that people put so much relevance to the placement of words rather than the story itself. I guess it stems from the fact that people always want to be “first” in any line rather than second.




By Selin Kesebir

Our use of language reflects and influences perceptions of gender roles.

Picture a room full of female and male executives at a business conference. There are six speakers on the stage. Each is about to talk about her or his successes to the assembled crowd of top business women and men. Are you able to visualise the scene? Or do you feel slightly uneasy because the previous two sentences didn’t flow in quite the same way as they normally would?

How we use phrases containing words relating to men and women (and doesn’t that sound so much more, well, normal?) is the subject of my research into how people use phrases that join two gendered words such as “his and her”.

In general, people are not very conscious of the language they’re using. But a body of evidence suggests that how people use gendered words, including personal…

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