KOMMONSENTSJANE – Stuff it: UN human rights chief says Trump’s attack on media “dangerous”. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Since when has the United Nations (UN) become interested in HUMAN RIGHTS. The whole Middle East/Europe are drowning in not one human rights for women and children  – ISIS, THE TALIBAN, and all other JIHADISTS are killing every day and he is worried about the U.S. and its President and people in regards to human rights mistreating the media?   The UN and the U .S. media are the major problem in the U.S. and the world – they want this Globalist wealth distribution that Obama tried to give them – they are running out of money and they want America’s money.

It is time they move to Belgium with the World Court and quit sponging off the American people and living high on the hog.

The leaders at the UN are not elected – it is all about politics. When you see them on TV – it looks like they have taken their brain out and are playing with it – cause you can see their marbles rolling around. By the way, we need to test them for their IQ.

Time for them to haul freight.  The UN is the biggest fraud ever invented.  North Korea shoots rockets across the Pacific and they sit there like a bunch of mummies.  (Their reply – now don’t you go and hurt anyone.)  It is time to disband this fake organization.  It is the laughing stock of the world.  Just look at the members – any body you recognize that is from a DEMOCRATIC country – nothing but dictators – except our representative – and there was wavering in that corner when Obama was in charge.


Fellowship of the Minds

zeid raad al hussein Zeid all of a sudden concerned with “human rights”

“Freedom of the press” doesn’t give them the right to intentionally misquote and represent what Trump says. Why don’t you stick to what you know best: wasting U.S. taxpayer money.

From NY Post: US President Donald Trump’s criticism of journalists amounts to an attack on the freedom of the press and could provoke violence against reporters, the United Nations’ human rights chief said Wednesday.

Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said Trump had also made worrying remarks about women, Mexicans and Muslims, and he went on to question the president’s approach to immigration and decision to pardon former Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio.

There was no immediate response from the White House on the wide-ranging rebuke of Trump’s repeated references to the “fake media” and some of his other statements and decisions.

“It’s really quite amazing when you think that freedom of the…

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