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It is amazing how Hillary Clinton’s photos are photo-shopped from frame to frame. Sometimes she looks like a hag and then they clean her up to look respectable. When she appears on TV – she has to have a double because no one can change that much.  Her looks go from zero to 360!

They are talking about her ODOR problem now; but, someone like that – you can’t cover it up with “FUFU.” Wonder when her handlers will use some “DRANO” to flush out her system or better still maybe her septic is plugged up and needs to have one of those trucks to come in and “over haul” the system by draining it out and installing a new system – but you need a permit from the EPA for a new septic –  with her age and frame that would be hard to do.  She probably would use OJ’s verbage – if it doesn’t fit – you must acquit.



Fellowship of the Minds

Larry Nichols was a close associate of the Clintons from 1978-1988. In 2013, Nichols admitted he was also the Clintons’ hired assassin.

In an interview with InfoWars‘ Alex Jones conducted during last year’s presidential campaign, the video of which was uploaded by Nichols to YouTube on August 15, 2017, Nichols and Jones covered some familiar ground that’s known to regular readers of FOTM:

Nichols and Jones also divulged some new nuggets of information about Hillary Clinton which suggest she is demonically possessed:

(1) Indiscriminate sexual promiscuity

Citing a National Enquirer story, “Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged…

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