What happened to Americans first?

Why do we continue spending our taxpayer money on the DACA Program?  With the amount of money spent on this program, we could send a lot of Americans to college – free.  It seems unfair that our young people have to pay for their college and you have this program spending millions of dollars on non-citizens whose parents are illegal aliens.

This program was initiated by Obama and the democrats to pay them for their illegal votes.  In the 2016 election, over a million illegals and dead people voted.  In fact Obama made a video stating that illegals should vote and they would not be prosecuted.   It has now been confirmed that this is true.

IT IS CONGRESS’ FAULT that the illegal immigration problem has not be resolved.  It is time to quit kicking the can down the rode.  We voted for a wall and to limit immigration to people who already have an education and can take care of themselves.

Americans need these jobs that are given to DACA illegals.  All we hear is DACA, DACA from our elected Congress.  They should be taking care of our own, first.

When are we going to stop the illegals from coming into this country?  It is our country and the people who are taxpaying citizens should have the opportunities offered and should be given a right to the American dream instead of giving our American dream to foreigners.

Stop the sausage-making.



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