KOMMONSENTSJANE – White president of California State University: All light-skinned people are racist. Fellowship of the Minds

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NEED AN EXPLANATION ON HOW SHE CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION BEFORE I TAKE HER SERIOUSLY.  Whenever an educator makes this kind of statement, I would consider them, “unhinged.”

The first challenge is when a student goes through the educational system and exits and does not know how to read and write (only print – good night) and does not have enough knowledge to pass a company’s hiring test – then that tells me the educational system has not passed the muster to receive “a job well done” title.

This has been happening since the Clinton administration which was the original plan to dumb down the kids to equalize them with the blacks.  One way to prove this is to have every child take an IQ test when they enter the first grade and take one mid- way into the education and then one before they enter college.  This will give the system a true grade to see what kind of job the teachers are doing.

The mandatory subjects should be:  English, math, plus accounting, civics, history, and health.  Those who do not want to go to college should be able to elect a vocational route:  plumbing/air-conditioning, welding, or beauty school, etc.

Our governors have failed us in that they will not equalize the professors in these colleges and have a fair and balanced number of professors being liberal/conservative and they are the blame for allowing this takeover by the liberal professors who are really the “NUTTY PROFESSORS.”

First off, we need campus reform whereby we incorporate more conservatives in this think tank of ideas.  This woman’s think tank sounds like it is full of hot air.

We have these white/black professors WHO continue to talk about white people being racist. Are these instructors born in America or are these professors foreigners?

The problem really is that white people have sat back on their laurels and are afraid of confronting the blacks and having a discussion ABOUT their accusations – thinking it will go away. This has gone on as long as I have been on this earth.

This country has tried everything possible to appease the black people and it will not work until they, the blacks, help share the burden of the load. Just look at the country and the cities and it will tell you – the blacks continue rockin’ with the Democrats and expect a fair shake – they will never get a fair shake as long as they take the fishing line bait and continue to be hooked by the Dem’s Plantation which is welfare.

Been hearing this same line all of my life – that the white people are racists while the whole time it has been the KKK DEMOCRATIC PARTY who are the racist with that same evil spirit – I, a democrat, am not the racist, he/she, a republican, is the racist.  How about a new line  – this one is as old as ‘DICK’S HATBAND.”


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