KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Police: Charlottesville ‘Inside Job’ To Ignite Race War – Program Portraying Criminals as Victims, Police as Criminals. Reclaim Our Republic.

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How much longer are THE BLACKS going to keep THEIR eyes closed to these Democrat muslims/communist liberals who are working against the American people AND USING THEM AS PAWNS?

Charlottesville, VA, only proves they are trying to get the blacks to start a race war – they are using them again – for their own evil purpose and they just don’t realize it.

The mayor and governor deliberately called for a “stand down” to let the tension escalate. It is time to go after the mayor and governor. There is plenty of evidence in this regard.

Again, the Democrat muslims/communists continue to use the blacks as pawns in this fight, not realizing they are really the fools.  They are only 13 percent of the population and should realize who brought them to the dance – it certainly wasn’t the Democratic Party who is still keeping them on the Plantation which is run by the Democrats.

They have a lot to lose if they continue on their same path with the Democrats. They need to look at the rest of the world – example Africa which is run by the blacks.  That country has been infiltrated by the muslims and look at what they did to the 200 young black women who they kidnapped – raped and used as sex slaves.  If they continue their path – that is what they have to look forward to.

Do they not have enough intelligence to realize what the Democrat muslims/communists are doing to them?



Reclaim Our Republic

Gohmert Calls for Investigation of VA Gov McAuliffe and Mayor Michael Signer for ‘Facilitating’ Charlottesville Violence

TIME TO END: COPS Program Which Spent Billions Since 1994 Portraying Criminals as Victims and Police as Criminals

Aug 17, 2017  by  Jerome R. Corsi

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Trump administration is continuing to implement the COPS program in the Department of Justice, a provision of the Clinton-era 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (P.L. 103-322), a program that President Clinton promised would provide the federal grants needed to hire and equip 100,000 new police officers.

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) in the Department of Justice was established by Attorney General Janet Reno, with plans to implement a six-year, $8.8 billion grant program that would enable state and local law enforcement agencies to hire or redeploy 100,000 additional police officers for community policing efforts. Since its inception, the COPS program…

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