As we all know – every day – all day long – the news media continues to use Obama’s Saul Alinsky techniques to hobble and try to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

This morning, Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts and her ilk were tip-toeing through this forest of evil – chewing on the business councils that were disbanded due to  pressure by the left on the CEO’S.  These people have no ethics behavior and can look in the mirror and fool themselves by saying, “I am doing this for Obama, my savior.”  Little do they know they are wallowing with the pigs.

Brian Williams –  who was speaking for all media –  showed the true colors of the media in some truth-telling when he stated they weren’t being paid to tell America the facts – they were there strictly to SCARE THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA – which is a well known fact.  This was proven by Roberts.

Their tactic is attack, attack and lie, lie, lie.  There are always pointed comments against the President and the people around him and even includes  his family, as well as his advisers and cabinet choices.  The American people have learned to part the waves and know when the truth comes crashing in.

These attacks are backed up by media talking heads, celebrities, actors, and especially late night comedians.  We have to stop paying good money and stop watching these stupid attacks which in most instances are vile and of no value to the thinking process.

We are learning thru the internet that Ben Rhodes is now a person of interest by the FBI.  Maybe this will start the house of cards falling and these people throughout their industry will be brought to justice.

The Elite Republicans are using the same techniques by piling on – but the severity and baselessness of the attacks by the left are more severe.  The left have taken over U.S. academia, the mainstream media, and, until Donald Trump, Washingonton D.C.

Every dog has his day and the American people will have their day after justice is served.


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