It is about time – it should be a class action suit for all  of us conservatives who have paid for their services and have been abused by their workers.  For eight years while Obama was in office – they treated us like dirt.  They erased our words and sentences, rolled the screen so you couldn’t type, and took you off line when it was anything mentioning Obama or Hillary Clinton.  This has been going on since August, 2013.  As I have stated to Google – every dog has his day


Google sued for firing conservative?
August 9, 2017
Google, the search engine giant, has just landed in big trouble.
According to The New York Times, on Monday the information company fired an engineer that published and distributed an internal memo discussing the toxic “politically correct” culture that exists in Google.

James Damore called his memo “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” and it has been blasted by media critics as “sexist” and “anti-diversity.”

Ironically, it’s that EXACT reaction that the memo was written about. Damore uses extremely fair and scientific fact-based research to make his point — that any descent against liberals in today’s society is met with dangerous scorn, not rational discussion.
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It ends with the line, “I strongly believe in gender equality and racial diversity, and I think we should strive for more.”
And it got him fired.
Damore has already made a labor complaint about the firing and fully intends to explore all of his legal options, multiple reports state.

It makes sense. Damore was fired for arguing that, biologically, men and women have different brain chemistry and structure, which leads to differences in interests that helps explain why women tend to be the minority in jobs like computer coding, for example.

All of this is backed up by extensive scientific research (some of which can be found here).
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Still, the P.C. overlords were furious and leaked the memo to the mainstream media… and Google was triggered.

They fired the 28-year-old engineer as soon as the memo, which was very popular within the company, was made public.

The reasons Google CEO Sundar Pichai cited for Damore’s firing are insane, critics say.
He accuses Damore of “advancing harmful gender stereotypes” and suggesting women “have traits that make them less biologically suited to [computer] work.”

But Damore explicitly stated in his memo that his intention was never to “restrict people to certain gender roles.”
Indeed, Damore merely argues that men and women aren’t the same. As a society, we must recognize that there are differences between the sexes. That doesn’t mean men are superior to women… just that men are different than women. Demanding they have the same outcomes to the same training, Damore argues, is wrong.

The sexes learn and act and think differently on a biological level — a fact heavily supported by decades of scientific research. That’s why Damore is taking action and is considering suing the company for wrongful termination.

It’s safe to assume then that the real reason Damore was fired was because spoke out against the oppressive safe-zone culture Google fosters, despite its claims that the company is an advocate for free expression.

Damore was right to call out the toxic environment that Google forces its employees to engage in. After all, this isn’t the first time the search engine has been accused of pushing a liberal agenda.

The Horn News discovered last year that Google, as well as other Internet companies, have started to filter news media results so conservative news is suppressed.

News outlets such as Breitbart, Fox News, and The Hill are silenced so that Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others can promote their own liberal agenda through their “free and fair” services.

If you want to read the controversial memo for yourself, the whole thing can be found on my special blog.


The Horn News

[Exclusive] 21st century censorship has come to America
September 20, 2016

By Stephen Dietrich, Managing Editor

Censorship has come to America in the 21st century, folks.

It is real, it is happening right now… and the vast majority of people are unaware of it.
The more the veil is pulled back on the major Internet companies that comprise the most expansive communication network in human history, the more apparent it becomes – conservatives are being targeted for censorship by tech companies.

Imagine, if you would, that the post office and every delivery company were permitted to open and read all of your letters, packages, magazines, newspapers, phone calls, and postcards.

Then post office and delivery company executives announced they were to decide what was acceptable, and what was not. Anything deemed unacceptable would be throw in the garbage before it was delivered to your house… and you’d never be informed it even existed.

“Never in America,” you’d think. “There would be riots in the streets! There is no place for thought police in this country!”

I have bad news for you. It’s happening in America.
It’s happening to you and everyone you know.
And it’s going to get much, much worse.
This may sound like a conspiracy theory from a lunatic who has read George Orwell’s 1984 too many times. But it’s very real – and we have proof.

In an exclusive from The Horn News on September 1st, we investigated political influence among the five largest email providers in America and found a clear liberal bias.

The further our investigation into Internet bias traveled down the “rabbit hole,” the worse things got.

The Horn first reported that at a 3-1 ratio major email providers Yahoo!, Mail.com, Gmail, AOL, and Outlook filtered out conservative news from email inboxes in favor of liberal opinions. Since The Horn’s first investigation, the censorship from these email accounts has only gotten more aggressive, and it now a 5-to-1 ratio against conservative voices.

In fact, only two of these major email providers, Outlook and Yahoo, incorrectly labeled more than one liberal email as junk — and even then, they still targeted conservative email content at a 4-to-1 ratio.

Only AOL seemed relatively unbiased, only twice falsely labeling conservative emails (and zero liberal emails) from the test inbox.

What these email providers are doing is censorship, plain and simple.

But if you think that’s bad, that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.
It’s called First Draft News, and it’s backed by Google, the world’s most popular search engine.

Google has formed a “coalition” with the world’s two largest social media companies, Facebook and Twitter, and they have announced that they intend to filter all news and articles on the Internet to determine which are acceptable for billions of users to read.

Their goal, they claim, is to improve the news – by banning anything they determine unacceptable.

It’s like the post office, going through everyone’s mail and throwing away what they find disagreeable – but on a global scale and in secret.
They’re not acting alone. The First Draft News coalition is consulting with a who’s who in major left-leaning mainstream media organizations to determine what should reach Internet users’ eyeballs.

“The New York Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, CNN, ABC News of Australia, ProPublica, AFP, The Telegraph, France Info, Breaking News, Le Monde’s Les Decodeurs, International Business Times UK, Eurovision News Exchange and Al Jazeera Media Network,” are all included, Yahoo reported on the group’s press release.

“Other organizations in the network include Amnesty International, European Journalism Centre, American Press Institute, International Fact Checking Network and Duke Reporters’ Lab.”

Surprised? Don’t be. Previous investigations from a multitude of sources have uncovered that Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been routinely accused of unfair bias against conservative news sources.

In fact, it’s become so routine, it’s not hard to find dozens of examples (see below).
Now, these same companies have announced they are combining forces to actively filter your news and suppress what they dislike.

Censorship. It didn’t come to America in the form of secret police, book burnings, or reeducation camps that we’ve seen in the past. Instead, dissenting opinions – conservative voices – are simply disappearing.

And if you didn’t know to look, you wouldn’t even know it was happening.
Its censorship, folks, plain and simple. They intend to control what you read, so they can control what you think.

And they’re getting away with it.

Don’t think that these social media giants intentionally suppress conservative voices?
Here’s a mountain of examples in the past few years alone, all from different sources, for your consideration. These are all different, independent instances of reported bias.

Some of these stories come from large organizations, some from small. Some of the reporters are left-leaning, some are right-leaning. But they’re all independent of one another, and they’ve all reported on different accusations of liberal bias by these internet giants in the past few years.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, is intentionally suppressing conservative voices.

The Horn News, “Google is Clinton’s secret weapon rigging the election”
Breitbart, “Google hides popular Hillary Clinton health searches”
U.S. News & World Report, “Google is the world’s biggest censor and its power must be regulated”
Quartz, “The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House”
CNET, “Google learns its Democratic political ties have bounds”
The Huffington Post, “Google Restores Links To Some News Articles After Outcry”
RawStory, “Google blacklists Bank of America parody website”
The Hill: “Google ‘forgets’ 170,000 websites”
The Guardian, “Google reveals sharp rise in requests for removal of political content”
Pando, “Google apparently scrubs military contractor partner listing”
International Business Times, “Is Google really censoring anti-Conservative Party search suggestions?”
Zero Hedge, “YouTube Has Quietly Begun ‘Censoring’ Journalists Who Criticize Government”
Facebook has a history of accusations of censorship with conservatives as well:
Steven Crowder, “Facebook is censoring me”
The National Review, “Social media leans left. Conservatives are going to have to build a better internet”
Heat Street, “Facebook trending topics censors conservative news”
Gizmodo, “Former Facebook workers: We routinely suppressed conservative news”
Real American News, “Facebook Bans ‘I Am a Christian’ Ad, Citing it as Offensive Speech”
The New York Times, “Senator Demands Answers From Facebook on Claims of ‘Trending’ List Bias”
Liberty News, “Facebook Bias Exposed In Telling Screenshot… This Will Shock You”
Vanity Fair, “Why is Facebook censoring this iconic photo?”
Boston Globe, “For those tired of online censors, an (alt-right) alternative”
Twitter’s bias against conservatives has also been well documented.
Red Alert Politics, “Twitter bias: Conservative writer banned for posting same tweets as Ghostbusters star”
The Washington Times, “Twitter users erupt: #DNCLeaks disappears from trending news as WikiLeaks emails released”
American Thinker, “Does Twitter have an anti-conservative bias?”
The Washington Examiner, “Twitter bans another conservative journalist”
The Washington Post, “Tweets are disappearing on Twitter. Why?”
The New Yorker, “Censoring Twitter”
Fox News, “Bias alert: Twitter bans Breitbart bad boy, but not ISIS-linked London loudmouth”
World Net Daily, “Twitter stock plunges as conservatives purged”
The Daily Caller, “How One Conservative’s Lost Twitter Badge Spells Trouble For Free Expression”

It’s a trend. It’s anti-conservative. It’s getting worse.
And now they’re flaunting their intentions.
Worried yet?
— Stephen Dietrich is the Managing Editor of The Horn New




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