Brian Williams makes a STUNNING confession (jaw dropping!)
August 9, 2017

MSNBC newscaster Brian Williams is known for making up stories — but Tuesday night, Williams made a confession during a panel discussion that has even liberal supporters shocked.

Williams admitted it’s the job of the liberal media to “scare people to death” regarding President Donald Trump’s standoff to North Korea.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Williams admits that it’s not his job to report facts and inform the public. No, his job is to scare the American people regarding Trump’s actions.

Appearing as a panelist on The 11th Hour, Williams told MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance —

Malcolm, our job tonight is to actually scare people to death on this subject so the talk isn’t as free as it is about a preemptive or a surgical military strike. You know that part of the world.

The population centers, Andrea [Mitchell] and the General [Barry McCaffrey] have talked about, South Korea, the Japanese, and so on and so on.”

Mitchell responded by shaking her head in apparent disbelief.

But Williams seems intent on doing his job well. After all, during the segment’s opening Williams’ self-confessed fear mongering was in full swing.

“With U.S. intel saying the North can now outfit a missile with nukes, the President seems to use the same overheated language as the North as he deals with a genuine overseas threat,” Williams told viewers during the show’s opening tease, going on to say it comes at a “low point” of public trust for the White House.

Williams was responding to Trump’s statement that any further provocation from North Korea would result in the reclusive communist country’s total destruction.

“North Korea had best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,” Trump said earlier this week.

The only person that should be scared by that is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

It looks like the liars on all of these TV stations are folding like an accordion



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  1. Kelly Hamilton says:

    It doesn’t matter what President Trump says, his words are twisted, misinterpreted, and criticized. According to the media and RINOs, he either says too much or not enough as in the latest Virginia incident. He included “all” groups. Has anyone forgotten the violence by extreme racial groups during President Trump’s campaign? Why weren’t they shamed and run out of town? Extremists of any race committing violent acts are not to be tolerated, but free speech should be protected. If white groups, like White Nationalists, are to be shut down, then Black and Hispanic groups should also be included. But this is America, so no group should be shut down except those individuals committing crimes and violence. Extremist groups like Neo-Nazis, Black Panthers, and some Black Lives Matter, don’t represent President Trump and the majority of Americans, but the hatred and bashing of white people, which is also ugly discrimination, needs to stop. Equal justice and freedom of speech, including unfavorable opinions, should apply to all races,


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