June 21, 2017

Obama to void 2016 results?

If you’ve been wondering what former President Obama has been up to with his free time, the answer is nothing short of alarming.

He’s been quietly engineering a redistricting fight designed to draw Republicans out of elected office and secure a Democrat super majority in Congress.

His plan starts with defeating Governor Greg Abbott.

With the backing of liberal billionaire George Soros and his former attorney general, Eric Holder, Obama plans to directly influence campaigns and launch endless redistricting lawsuits.

You see, Democrats have suffered embarrassingly huge losses at the polls these past four years—thanks largely to the hard work and actions of people like you.

Americans overwhelmingly rejected Obama’s policies, and Democrats lost at the ballot box.

So Obama is trying to undo the catastrophic damage he has done to his party by defeating Republicans state by state and bleeding money from state governments in court with the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

With an endless funding stream from George Soros, Obama’s strategy has already scored a few victories in court across the country. Now, he’s coming for the Lone Star State.

If he wins, Texas loses. That’s why we need you to contribute right away to help us fight these attacks.

The Democratic Governors Association has been tasked with defeating Governor Abbott. They have launched a fund specifically aimed at winning Texas and redrawing districts to favor liberals and their failed, rejected agenda.

Keep Texas Red.

Contribute today to help us push back and make sure Governor Abbott defends Texas from Obama’s planned takeover.

Thank you for your support,

John Jackson

Campaign Manager
Texans for Greg Abbott

P.S. – These headlines may have been kept quiet by the mainstream media, but we’re up against the clock and anything you can do to chip in will help us send Obama, Soros, Holder, the DGA, and the NDRC out of Texas and back to the loser bracket of history.

“Obama, Holder to lead post-Trump redistricting campaign” – Politico
“Obama Poised to Jump Into Redistricting Fight” – Newsmax
“Leaked Doc: Soros Open Society Seeks to Reshape Census, Electoral Districts” – Breitbart
“Obama’s Post-Presidency Agenda Revealed: Attack State Redistricting in the Name of ‘Fairness’” – The Heritage Foundation

If any of you all would like to contribute – go for it.

Keep Texas RED.




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