KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO James Comey’s Magic Trick – Mueller Pursues Obstruction Case Against Trump – A Witch Hunt – By: Reclaim Our Republic

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For your information.go

Following are the tweets the President sent that were omitted by  Google.

trump tweet1 obstruction

trump tweet2 witch hunt


And to think these are white people working against our President and the American people to help this black man Obama who is trying to make  America a Muslim country.

What are they thinking?



Reclaim Our Republic

• How FBI director James Comey tried to entrap the American President
• Comey’s trick would make Houdini proud!
• Which Hat Did Comey Wear?


June 16, 2017 By Andrew G. Benjamin

“I had to get that out into the public square,” James Comey informed congress. He had to. It was that, important. He was speaking about his private meeting with the president and why a special prosecutor needed to be appointed. That was the unknown plan BEFORE the meeting.

The fix was in. It was in from the very start in order to reverse the outcome of November 8th.

In since the DNC-Mainstream Media-Establishment-Elites coordinated and colluded to conflate the allegations of Russian hacking of software systems in 39 states, which may be factual, or not, to Donald Trump’s involvement in it, which is certainly not. This war plan failed miserably. The conflation…

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