Today, June 10, 2017, the song I am dedicating to our country –  because one of our young men, James Comey, Director of the FBI, who had a bright future succumbed to evil and took the low road instead of the high road against the American people.

What was he thinking and how could he betray the American people who put so much stock in his abilities?   He stated, that he was weak and afraid.  In that case, he should have resigned from his office as the Director of the FBI.

The moral to the whole tale is – Comey had a problem – he could not serve two masters – President Trump and the fact he was beholden to Obama/Hillary Clinton and tried to help Obama/Hillary Clinton over turn the will of the American people, who elected President Trump – all the while trying to make America into a Muslim country.  He is a traitor AND HAS HURT THE COUNTRY.


My Hit Parade:  What Happened to Love By Charlie Landsborough


All I can say is – James Comey had more nerve than Carter’s got Liver Pills.  The story behind this saying is, the Federal Trade Commission forced the drug group to drop the “liver” portion of the ad, claiming it was DECEPTIVE.

Only one word can describe Comey, he is a:



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